There are 101 decisions to make when a loved one dies. And knowing everything is taken care of beforehand frees you from making tough decisions at a time when making them could be hard.

Your life is unique. And Pre-Planning through Hoff Funeral Homes guarantees a funeral that is just as unique as you, or the loved one you want to remember.

There are three essential reasons why Pre-Planning is important:

  1. Ensure that personal wishes will be fulfilled.
  2. Alleviate difficulties for the survivors.
  3. Avoid unnecessary overspending.

At Hoff Funeral Homes we will guide you a little then help you a lot on creating the kind of celebratory service you want for your loved one. You will have someone who cares by listening to how you want your loved one remembered, and someone to trust that the process is done as you pictured it.

Pre-Planning a funeral is not depressing. At least, it shouldn't be. And it's not here, where a service is much more a celebration of life and far less a funeral.

You may start preplanning by using our Easy Preplanning Form or by contacting a Hoff associate directly at (507) 452-4241.